General information

Welcome to SB Helios!
SB Helios is a student badminton union. If you’re interested in playing with us, please send an email to . We will contact you within a week and invite you to come play with us.

SB Helios is the only students’ badminton union in Utrecht. We offer more than just a regular badminton union. All members (including the board) are students or have just graduated.

Competition league
Helios participates in two competition leagues. These are the so-called ‘’najaarscompetitie’’ (autumn competition) and voorjaarscompetitie (spring competition). All members of Helios can participate. The home matches will be held on Friday night and from time to time on Saturday or Sunday at the Sports Centre on campus: Olympos. For more information on the competition, click here.

We offer training at beginner, intermediate and advanced level on a weekly base on Tuesday or Wednesday. Currently, there are 6 training groups. Also, you can come and play or watch some games at Friday evenings. Contact the Competition Coordinator via for more information about trainings.

ISBT and other events
Every year, SB Helios organizes a huge event, the International Students Badminton Tournament (ISBT). The tournament is meant for students from The Netherlands and abroad. Don’t be afraid that you can’t cope with the level, as it is meant for both beginners and very advanced players. Fun is of most importance at this tournament!
Besides the ISBTs, the Event Committee will organize a lovely activity once every 6 weeks for all members of SB Helios. Just to give you an idea what kind of activities, the following activities have been organized in the previous years: a karaoke, a game night, a Christmas Tournament, and the gala dinner.

Drinks at Sports café
After training, quite a few Helios members will make their way to the sports café. Here they celebrate their victory, cope with their loss, come up with strategies all while enjoying their well earned beverage.

Accommodation and costs
If you sign up to become a member of Helios, you will have to buy a Sports card at Olympos. An overview of the costs and playing schedule can be found here.

Come and play before you decide
Are you not sure yet? No worries, we’d like to invite you trying out first or join a training on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please contact our Secretary via Do you want to become member in the second half of the season? No problem at all! You can become a member at every moment of the year. So, just come and be assured of a great evening ahead. If you do not have a racket, again, no worries: you can borrow a racket from us.