Board and Commitees

The Board
The board controls the daily course of affairs and ensures the continuity of the club. The board consists of a chairman, secretary, treasurer and competition leader. This years board members are:

Chairman: Lukas Zandsteeg (

Secretary: Joëlle Klok (

Treasurer: Pascale Ooms (

Competition leader: Alisha Bechinka (

Events Committee (Evcie)
The events committee organizes fun activities and events throughout the year. It is the perfect way to get to know new people or meet up with your old friends. You can always contact the Evcie via

Introduction Committee
Before visiting SB Helios for the first time, you will be contacted by the introduction committee. This committee welcomes new members to Helios. New members are invited to come and to play with us. New members can address all their questions to this heartwarming committee: 

ISBT Committe
The ISBT committee organizes the biggest event of SB Helios, the International Student Badminton Tournament. This event takes place in March and attracts students and non-students from all over the Netherlands and even abroad. The committee puts its effort into organizing an awesome weekend full of badminton and fun for over 100 participants. 

Computer Commitee (Coco)
The computer committe is responsible for the website of SB Helios. The website where you can find all information regarding SB Helios and subscribe for events. 

Advice Committee (Adco)
The advice committee gives advice to the board, involving all kind of matters. The adco reads the minutes of the board meetings and comments on them. 

Editorial Team "Helium"
The editorial team of SB Helios publishes Helium, Helios’ magazine which is published around 4 times a year. You will get to know amazing facts, funny stories and the latest news about Helios. New members may also be asked to introduce themselves in the Helium. Ask one of the board members to read the latest version of the Helium. 

Audit Committee
The audit committee is charged with the oversight of financial reports of Helios and work closely with the Treasurer. 

Competition committee (TC)
The competition committee is responsible for the formats of competition and training. It cooperates with the trainers and creates the formats of the competition teams, based on the level and preferences of the players. There are two competition leagues every year. The competition committee is also responsible for the training format, which changes twice a season. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the competition committee at 

Ballstars Committee

We’d like to let Helios members try out different sports. Therefore, we cooperate with other sports unions to organize a Ballstars tournament. The members in this committee represent Helios and do their utmost to make it an unforgettable day for Helios and non-Helios members. 

Weekend Trip Committee
Every year, this committee organizes a trip to a cabin somewhere in the Netherlands to catch up, have fun, and relax.

Friends of Helios Committee
The Friends of Helios committee organizes evenings and activities where old Heliossers can come back and catch up with the current SB Helios members. 

Club Championships 
This committe organizes the anual championships at the end of the year. 

Similar to the regular adco, this committee advises the ISBT committee to organize the best ISBT. 

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